One Classic Dream Essay Sample

One Classic Dream Essay Sample

… she looked out of her dorm window to see her roommates playing volleyball with some extremely handsome co-eds, one of which was Sean Carrington. Sean, Stephanie’s ex-boyfriend was every girls dream come true. He was pre-med, a track star and came from a very well to-do family. Sean drove around campus in a Mercedes, E-class at that. Sean was an avid …

… to put on her best two-piece and go out there and nonchalantly parade around the court, so that Sean could see what he was missing.
Sean and Stephanie’s romance was the classic on-again, off-again romance. Between track and his demanding classes, they barely saw each other. Stephanie often found herself miles away to attend one of his many track meets, in which he …

… and she had little time to do anything other than chase Sean and vie with others for his attention. What finally ended their relationship was Sean’s groundless accusation that Stephanie was seeing one of his teammates.
As Stephanie was ready to walk out of her door, she looked back to see the trail of books and papers lying on her bed, her desk and thrown on …

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