Online Bank Fraud Essay Sample

Online Bank Fraud Essay Sample

… access to our sites in particular markets. This defeats the entire purpose of our international =]gambling activities.
Stakeholder Analysis
There are many different stakeholders involved in our activities. The specific stakeholders and their concerns are as follows:

Legal Environment:
1. Gambling activities in areas where gabling is prohibited
2. Fraud
3. Credit card abuse
4. Involvement of the criminal element in the gambling industry
5. Underage individuals having access to the gambling sites
6. Corruption in betting and the development of “under the table” and side-betting activities
Social Environment:
1. Family problems caused by excessive gambling
2. Involvement in …

… return on the use of our service instead of simply taking form our clients. It will make us socially responsible some extent and it will also work to build our credibility while protecting the client.
Mergers and involvement with other organizations is a suitable approach as well. If Aqua Online becomes involved with New Jersey and Nevada companies, it can enhance its credibility in the industry in the United States and possibly expand its markets. The company will also create a situation in which there will be less concern that there are illegal activities going on or criminal elements involved …

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