Operant Conditioning In Nursing Essay Sample

Operant Conditioning In Nursing Essay Sample

3. Identify the key assumptions underlying each school of psychological thought.

Traditional behaviorism is commonly referred to as classical conditioning. Classical conditioning is when a new stimulus is paired with an existing stimulus-response pair. Operant conditioning is another behavioral theory the occurs when a behavior is immediately rewarded or punished.
Cognitive Psychology emerged to explain things that were too complex to be explained using traditional behaviorism, such as language, and creativity. Cognitive psychology deals with complex, ideas such as attention, memory, imagery, and reasoning. These …

… has become synchronized to 24 hours to correspond with the daily activities and the environment surrounding people. When asleep certain environmental factors cause a state of arousal. When one is sleep deprived they tend to fall asleep sooner the next time and remain asleep longer

8. Describe how classical conditioning works and describe the key variables.

Classical conditioning was developed by Ivan Pavlov and comes from his famous experiments using dogs. The key principles surrounding classical conditioning are that there exists an unconditioned natural response to a certain stimulus. The animal or man will begin to associate this stimulus with …

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