Operational Art And Operation Torch Essay Sample

Operational Art And Operation Torch Essay Sample

.. . This was followed by the liberation of Seoul, the breakout of the Eighth Army, the destruction of the NKPA, the restoration of the 38th Parallel, and the reestablishment of the Republic of Korea. The Korean War was probably the first major test of American resolve to fight Communist aggression, and it proved to be a war unlike any the U.S. had fought before. Korea was a country divided before the start of the war, and the war itself was a matter of North against South, of Korean against Korean, with each side also being supported by outside forces contributing …

… implications, and failure to respond would be seen as a sign of weakness and would undermine American credibility and endanger the whole edifice of containment as it had been structured since the end of World War II. Operation Chromite is identified as a fine example of operational art in a limited war. The operation consisted of a landing from the sea, a breakout from Pusan, and the defeat of the enemy in two weeks. Inchon was selected as the target largely because of its proximity to the enemy’s logistic base, and the selection was one reason for the success …

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