Ordinary People Diagnosis Movie Essay Sample

Ordinary People Diagnosis Movie Essay Sample

The purpose of this paper is to introduce and discuss the movie “Bedazzled,” directed by Harold Ramis. Specifically, it will compare the movie to the play “Faust,” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
Selling your soul to the devil for good fortune or a group of wishes is a topic written about numerous times. Goethe did it in “Faust,” and it comes up …

… both freedom and existence, Who must reconquer them each day” (Goethe). Although he did not live the best of lives, in the end, he repents, and gives all of his lands to the people of the Empire. When he dies, the devil is ready and waiting, but a host of angels comes down, and save Faust’s soul. The devil has lost, and the Seraphs sing, “Whoever …

… toil, Him we may grant redemption” (Goethe).
Throughout the play, Goethe has a magical way of portraying fantastic events as being very natural and even common. Nothing that happens seems out of the ordinary, because after all, we are dealing with a story about the devil, and a man who sells his soul. What could be more fantastic than that? The film does the same thing through …

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