Organ Selling Essay Sample

Organ Selling Essay Sample

… sea vegetables that help to eliminate toxins in the body by binding with heavy metals, for example, and may help prevent cancers. Kelps and other seaweeds rich in iodine were shown in an animal experiment to suppress the thyroid’s ability to absorb radioactive iodine, thus potentially preventing the organ from being injured by the harmful effects of radiation.
Sea vegetables are useful in reproductive medicine. Dry Laminaria stipes have long been used in obstetrics to dilate the cervix and were known as “Laminaria tents.” The dry stipe slowly takes up water and expands. Such stipes are used in China …

… source or sources from a specific geographic area. Several promising candidates are emerging, and development is targeted for both in-house commercialization and as part of R&D collaborations with larger drug companies.
There is strong commercial precedence for drugs derived from natural products. Six of the 25 top-selling drugs worldwide in 1996, exceeding $8.9 billion in combined sales, were derived from naturally occurring organisms.
Xenova’s most promising product under development is XR9576, a naturally-derived compound currently in Phase I clinical trials. XR9576 inhibits P-glycoprotien (P-gp), a protein that pumps foreign chemicals, including drugs …

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