Organized Anarchy Essay Sample

Organized Anarchy Essay Sample

… Both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Lewis Van Dusen, Jr. state their respective positions on the feasibility of civil disobedience. Each argument is eloquent, well-organized, impassioned, and thorough. Martin Luther King, Jr. asserts that civil disobedience is an absolute necessity to achieve the aims of the civil rights movement, while Lewis Van Dusen, Jr. claims that civil disobedience subverts the democratic process and can potentially lead to violence. It is difficult, if not impossible, to find weaknesses in King’s actual argument: his position is supported with historical fact, personal experience, and ethics. He challenges the status quo, which …

… justice, especially in the 1960s, when this essay was written.
Martin Luther King’s argument is stronger, because he embraces all sides of the issue with compassion before asserting himself. He acknowledges the underlying reasons for people’s fears of public demonstrations. He recognizes and justifies the fear of anarchy that can result from mass protests and black militancy. The edge King has over Van Dusen is that of personal experience. Dr. Martin Luther King, writing from jail because of his exercising his right to protest, has seen the worst of the worst. He knows that African-American men and …

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