Organizing Function Of Management Human Resources Essay

Organizing Function Of Management Human Resources Essay

… can engage in that are innovative as well as expansionary. Among the things that Club-Med can engage in to promote innovation are:
(1) Bring in project designers and creative people whose sole function is to develop new ideas and processes for Club-Med.
(2) Test market new products, trips and packages to see which are appealing.
(3) Consider becoming involved with other tour organizations and providing …

… meet its objectives of bringing in more international employees and giving more of an international flavor to its uprightness. The specific steps in doping this are provided below:
(1) Show a clear top management commitment to multi-culturalism and diversity within the organization.
(2) Begin active employee recruitment in the various markets that the company serves.
(3) Adapt the tours and the packages to the specific cultures …

… a vacuum with constantly changing management and this created shortsightedness relative to changing markets.
The Internal Environment
Organization Human Resources
The Club-Med is facing organizational and human resource problems. The new management of Club-Med does not do well with people and will have some trouble organizing employees. Also, there has been a consistent change in management¬†and this has created a situation in which there …

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