Orientalism Music Definition Essay Example

Orientalism Music Definition Essay Example

… Table of Contents
Professional Relevance
Topic Selection
Purposes of the Summary Paper
Research Questions of the Summary Paper
Definition of Terms
Literature Review
Appendixes References

Professional Relevance
Music does make the difference. It affects peoples lives, childrens educations, and the quality of life in Americas communities.
1. Music programs have often been in jeopardy nationwide. To counteract this trend, in March 1991, the National Commission on Music Education released a report titled Growing Up Complete: The Imperative for Music Education. The report examines the serious decline of music and the other …

… the nation or world. With proper planning and preparation, listservs or chat boards can be used to facilitate interaction among students in geographically distant locations on such matters as rehearsal repertoire, projects, or reading assignments.
Changing from a Performance Focus to a Learning Environment
While there is no clear definition, there exists a unanimous agreement as to what a learning organization should be. There is also a consensus about specific drivers which are compelling organizations to reevaluate how they are operating. These drivers are:
! Advancing technology.
! Time management pressures.
! Fierce global competition facing all levels of career paths.
! Changing demographics …

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