Origins Of Poetry Essay Sample

Origins Of Poetry Essay Sample

… The verdant hills of Delphi were a perfect place to perform rituals and ceremonies in honor of the gods. Olive groves, cypress trees, flowing waters, and distant mountains added to the magnificent aura of that sacred ground. While the origins of Apollonian festivals at Delphi are obscured by time, it is certain that Apollo was the presiding deity at this ancient site. By the eighth century BC, Apollo reigned over the hills of Mount Parnassus; his cult was in full force. Homer mentioned Apollo in his Iliad, and the myths surrounding him are plentiful. Apollo was honored in his many …

… Amphictyonic League, a sort of Greek United Nations. Representatives from twelve Greek tribes administered the sacred site of Delphi and arranged the Pythian Games and other Delphic festivals whose main concern was honoring Apollo. Therefore, the god served to unite the Greek people and he was honored through the poetry, music, and athletic competitions held in Delphi every four years, on the third year after the Olympic Games were held.
As Apollo Musagetes, or the “leader of the muses,” Apollo was the predominant god of music, poetry, and the arts. He was worshipped as such at the Pythian festival, when …

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