Othello As A Benevolent Hero Essay Sample

Othello As A Benevolent Hero Essay Sample

… but that Iago is the true villain. Already, Brabantio, Roderigo, and Cassio are portrayed as dupes, instruments of the wily Iago. Iago, the audience can plainly see, is an evil man.
Othello is summoned by the Duke of Venice for genuine military reasons. The Duke and the senators inform Othello that the Turks are causing problems in Cyprus and the services of the military hero Othello are needed. Othello is thus seen by the nobles and rulers as an effective military leader. When Brabantio approaches the Duke and accuses Othello of witchcraft, the Duke cannot believe that his trusted officer …

… the quintessential villain; he seems intent on bringing on the downfall of Othello at any cost. To do so, he uses the pathetic Roderigo and the unsuspecting Cassio. Eventually he involves Desdemona, indirectly causing her murder and Othello‚Äôs suicide. Othello is portrayed by Shakespeare as a true tragic hero.

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