Othello Key Quotations Within The Play Essay Sample

Othello Key Quotations Within The Play Essay Sample

… of Cyprus as to the nature of her husband’s betrayal. The ever-transparent emotional force behind the play is jealousy; first Iago’s jealousy of Othello, followed by Othello’s jealous control of his new wife. As with all Shakespearean tragic heros, however, we can find the key to Othello’s destruction in the way which he chooses to conduct himself throughout the play. This can …

… these books, but only in Othello is the jealous love of the tragic hero manipulated through the treachery of his supposed friend. Court life at this time was at once both characterized by the idle courtesy depicted by Castiglione and the intrigues that are familiar to us from Machiavelli. Castiglione uses characters in The Courtier to depict the correct manner in which men and women should interact …

… And shut myself up in some other course,
To fortune’s alms. (Act 3, scene 3)
Although Cassio is essentially begging for his job back after having been relieved of his post by Othello for fighting, his kindness flatters Desdemona. Their relationship is one of Platonic courtly love. This is the true irony of the play. Othello’s rage would have been justified if Cassio and Desdemona …

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