Othello Vs Twelfth Night Essay Example

Othello Vs Twelfth Night Essay Example

… a comedy?

Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare presents the best example of a true Elizabethan romantic comedy. Though the themes constituting the play like lunacy and absurdness of love place it in the category of a rather unconventional comedy. Nevertheless, if closely analyzed for conventions of romantic comedy, Twelfth Night certainly is one. The many elements of this play by Shakespeare provide resemblance to the Elizabethan romantic comedy. These conventions of comedy used in Twelfth Night are complex and interesting characters in disguise. These disguises include mistaken identities, cross-dressing as well as a fascinating blend of the separation of …

… in this play.
The play, Twelfth Night does not overflow with humor and mirth. Unlike some of his other works, Shakespeares Twelfth Night is the purest and merriest comedy depicting almost all forms of comedy and regarding serious issues with a touch of humor.

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