A Paper About The Matrix Film Essay

A Paper About The Matrix Film Essay

The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the film“Metropolis,” directed by Fritz Lang. Specifically, it will compare the film with the essay “Metaphors on Vision,” by Stan Brakhage.
Stan Brakhage could very well have been writing about Franz Langs classic 1927 film “Metropolis” when he wrote this article. While there is no color in this black and white …

… the camera eye was innovative for its time, and still influences the way science fiction is filmed today – darkly, and with great attention to even the most minute of details, which show in the detailed buildings, which were models. It is most certainly a “world alive with incomprehensible objects…” (Brakhage 66). In his pedantic way, Brakhage illustrates what a cameraman (or woman) can do with a lens, …

… brooding quality to heighten the sense of drama and tension, such as “The Matrix,” and “Blade Runner.” Brakhage seeks “absolute realism” in his films, thereby turning them into magic. Lang tried to project stark realism in his film, and created magic, long before Industrial Light and Magic came along. “Metropolis” is a classic film that altered the way the public viewed films, and filmmakers wove their craft, …

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