Papers On The Phaedo

Papers On The Phaedo

… Opposites argument. The argument has basically two premises: (1) All things come into being, or are generated, from their opposites, and (2) A process accompanies the generation of a thing, which is actually the process the thing had undergone through its generation. These two premises are explained fully in Phaedo through the example of life and death. Socrates explained to Cebes that life is generated and comes into being because of its opposite, which is death. In the same way as sleep is the opposite of waking then the living, whether things or persons, are generated from the dead Socrates …

… death will not occur, surely life would not also be regenerated, and this is proven through his argument about the cyclical nature of life generation. Also, accompanying the generation of life is the process of generation itself, wherein living is the process accompanying the generation of life, and dying the process behind death. Platos use of the Cycle of Opposites argument shows how Plato conceives life as a perpetual, or a never-ending cycle, as implied in the arguments name, Cycle of Opposites. As death comes to a being or thing, another life is generated as a result …

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