Paradise Lost Analyses

Paradise Lost Analyses

A general discussion of the theme and concept of evil in English literature.

… primary vehicle wherein the story develops and the characters attitudes shift and change to achieve the final resolution. The theme of evil is evident in the literary works of English writers such as William Shakespeare, John Milton, and the author of the Beowulf legend. In Miltons Paradise Lost, one of the prevailing themes in the novel is the struggle between good and evil to dominate earth and Gods newly-made creature, Man. Shakespeares King Lear discusses evil through the characters of the play, specifically in King Lears evil daughters, Goneril and Regan, while Beowulf illustrates …

… Milton and Shakespeares literary works.
In conclusion, the theme of evil in the three literary works discussed are portrayed either internally (through the characters attitudes and thoughts), or externally (through the persona or the characters self, like Grendel and Satan). Also, evil is depicted universally in Paradise Lost, while the view that women are evil and manipulative is not a shared view in King Lear, while Beowulf illustrates both the depiction of Milton and Shakespeares view in their respective literary works, thus containing a universal and personal view of evil in this world.

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