Parallel Trade Essay Sample

Parallel Trade Essay Sample

… and physicality.
I have also heard it said (not by McLuhan), that humans tend to be born with one of three innate learning styles: the visual, the auditory, and the kinetic (or “doing” based). I think perhaps if this is true it may also be true that these may parallel three sorts of communication styles. My natural learning style is kinetic and physical in nature. I learn and communicate best through moving, and more precisely through dancing. Dance builds relationships in physical rather than abstract space, and it communicates to and with the body rather than just the mind. For …

… on both a kinetic and a visual/auditory level.
For example, I have one dance/poem that is about September 11th. When it is just danced, the body knows it is about sorrow and loss and bravery, perhaps, but the body alone cannot communicate the concept of the World Trade Centers or of a terrorist attack. By translating it into words, these concepts can be communicated. However, at its most basic level, all of my writing continues to be based around dance and the imagery and movement of dance. The experience of dancing is translated into an abstract but more …

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