Parliamentary Supremacy Essay

Parliamentary Supremacy Essay

… private, More did not approve of Henry VIII and even told his oldest son-in-law that “if my head would win him a castle in France, it should not fail to go.(Marius)” He would later be proved right.
More used his reputation and power to establish the parliamentary privilege of free speech. However, he refused to support King Henry VIIIs plan to divorce Katherine of Aragón. In 1529, More became Lord Chancellor, and was the first layman yet to hold this title.

The Fall of Sir Thomas More

Mores work in the courts was renowned …

… off the list of accused people. While More never openly supported papal supremacy, he did show support for the Popes primacy and the historical position of authority in the Holy See in Rome.

Shortly afterwards, More refused to swear to the Act of Succession and the Oath of Supremacy, and was committed to the Tower of London. He never gave a reason for this refusal. He remained in prison for 15 months while the king tried to figure out a legal way to try him.

Basically More was a well-respected scholar, lawyer, and ambassador, with excellent morals. The …

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