Participation Involvement Essay Sample

Participation Involvement Essay Sample

McNeal reveals in a study of school drop out rates that students participating in “athletics, fine-arts activities, and academic organizations were 1.7, 1.2, and 1.14 times less likely to drop out” than those who did not (McNeal, 1995, Holloway). Additionally he found that participation specifically in athletic oriented programs reduced the probability of drop-out by as much as 40% (Holloway, 2000).

Siliker and Quirk in 1997 examine the relationship between academic performance and extracurricular activities. This study examined male and female high school students participating in soccer. The students in question did not …

… in a sport had a much higher GPA while in season than while out of season (Holloway, 2000). The male participants GPA’s rose significantly higher than even the females GPA during season (Holloway, 2000).

Obviously, successful academic performance is hinged at least in part on a students active involvement in extracurricular activities. Unfortunately as time has progressed, many schools have discontinued certain extracurricular activities such as music and drama in an effort to cut expenses. In other environments access to such programs is limited to a certain number of students. In an effort to ensure the academic success and …

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