Path Bubonic Plague Essay Sample

Path Bubonic Plague Essay Sample

… ’ treasure chests were almost completely depleted. In the end, France pushed the English out of Northern Europe, but at great costs to both nations.
The social and economic situation of the fourteenth century was perpetuated with the onset of the “Black Death.” This plague, otherwise known as the bubonic plague, ravaged Europe for three years, starting in 1348 (Cantor). The bubonic plague spread with incredible speed, and killed with the same. An individual could feel perfectly healthy in the morning, and be dead by the evening (Cantor). The bubonic plague killed almost half of Europe’s population during these three …

… in the uprisings wanted new leadership, and social reform (Fourteenth Century). They were predominantly workers and peasants, and they were tired of dealing with the extreme food and goods shortages, and the threat of the rapidly spreading bubonic plague.
The early fourteenth century, particularly in the height of the bubonic plague’s outbreak, these revolts were more commonplace, both in urban and rural settings (Fourteenth Century). Order was almost never restored for long periods of time, and both kings and nobles were constantly losing territories due to the revolutionary activity. As the bubonic plague receded, though, people began to settle …

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