Persuasive Thesis Papers Essay Sample

Persuasive Thesis Papers Essay Sample

… the impact of misdealing statistics in academic writing in medical journals and makes recommendations for correcting the deficiencies created by incomplete statistics.

In a study of 359 papers, researchers discovered that the statistics used to support the claims of results were misleading. Only 18 papers examined “absolute risk reduction,” o the real impact of the use of a new drug or treatment. The majority of the papers presented their statistical analyses in the most positive light possible without a fair representation of negative results or real impacts. The writer suggests that “authors [should] …include [the] absolute risk reduction and the number [of patients] …required to treat” (1354). This requirement would reveal the actual effectiveness of any drug or treatment and make the statistical analysis accurate as opposed to manipulative.

With the exception of persuasive business and academic communications, accuracy and clarity are the hallmarks of an effective business communications. Using manipulative statistics, incomplete data, and inflated claims will harm the credibility of any organization. In addition, misleading and manipulative statistics clutter the thrust of a business communication: presenting a clear, concise and informative idea to the reader. Using balanced information, complete data, and reflecting accurately upon a business’s qualities, …

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