Pest On British Airway Essay Sample

Pest On British Airway Essay Sample

… Business Environment

Thesis Statement: The paper is an analysis of the business environment within which the Airlines Industry operates and how this environment has changed over the years. PEST analysis is used in understanding the environment prevalent.


PEST analysis in the airline industry is an analysis of the political, economic, social and technological external environment. ( Airlines has been undergoing tremendous changes.

Political decisions and governmental policies affect the global Airline industry as well. The US Airline Deregulation Act 1978 and Air Transportation Deregulation in Europe during 1987 to 1997 are important …

… allow many senior executives to engage in trying technological alternatives to the commercial air. ( The Internet is having a great influence on the marketing strategy of organisations. The E-business innovations initiated by British Airways could be taken as an example in relation to this. British Airways enabled electronic ticketing service and as result of web-enabling its old programs, it is now in a position to support multiple customer touch points, which includes telephone, travel agents, Wap phones and the Internet. (

http://www.opensecrets …

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