Pesticide Use Good Or Bad Essay Sample

Pesticide Use Good Or Bad Essay Sample

… pressure may often manifest itself as one group forcing its values onto another. In recent years, some people have said “…the only acceptable use of pesticides is no use…”(Barron A-4), and this has promoted resistance from pesticide manufactures. This is particular true with products produced by child labor.
Ethical justifications tend to fall into three specific categories and maintain three clear criteria for judgment. For …

… ethical decisions. These criterion are exemplified below: 1. Criterion of Utilitarian Outcomes-The behavior results in an optimization
of satisfactions of people inside and outside the organization; that is, it produces the greatest good for the greatest number of people.
2. Criterion of Individual Rights- The behavior respects the rights of all
affected parties; that is, it respects the basic human rights of free consent, free speech, …

… such as the exploitation of foreign workers and unfair business practices are ignored. Ignoring these ethical dilemmas may, and have in the past come back to haunt numerous companies in the form of bad public images, lowered brand equity, and boycotts of their products by consumers. This is also a violaiton of utilitairna principals.
There are numerous cases in which a behavior may fail to meet these …

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