Peter Meinke Essay Sample

Peter Meinke Essay Sample

… in one of his reforms, allowed the factories to purchase entire towns of agricultural workers for manpower. Although he decreed that families could not be broken up, he nevertheless also upheld the right of landowners to sell their serfs as the market dictated.
Thus, although Pushkin could not help but admire Peters visionary plan for Russia, his intensely felt libertarian views must have created sympathy for the plight of the serfs, the little people like Evgeny and his Parasha, who were to be swept away by the will to power of the Emperor.
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Part II. A. Pushkin: The Lyric Voice of Inspiration
Pushkin is regarded as one of Russias most inspired poets, if not the most pre-eminent. His imagery is astonishingly vivid, even in translation, and the personal, even colloquial, tone of his poems seems to include the reader in his thoughts. Intensely Romantic …

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