Petry Like A Winding Sheet Discussion Essay Sample

Petry Like A Winding Sheet Discussion Essay Sample

… and success. Once identified, intellectual capital must be cultivated and applied to satisfy the needs of the organization. However, intellectual capital is quite distinct from other forms of capital and cannot be easily measured; therefore, an accurate assessment of its value is often difficult to express.

The following discussion will identify the importance of placing an economic value on intellectual capital through a variety of mechanisms. Existing research on this topic will be identified and evaluated in order to present the opportunities available to businesses in terms of intellectual capital measurement. Other forms of intellectual knowledge, including patents and …

… well-defined knowledge management strategy. Furthermore, in the current unstable economy, intellectual capital is more important than ever in the likelihood that a firm can sustain a competitive advantage. Intellectual capital in any form is an asset that is worth more than what is printed on a standard balance sheet. As a result, the study will provide a discussion of these concepts in detail based on a body of research from experts in the field of management.
The author will employ a combination of primary and secondary resources to support the concepts introduced in the study. Primary resources will include …

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