Phantom Of The Opera Essay Sample

Phantom Of The Opera Essay Sample

… “The Phenomenon of Phantom Students: Diagnosis and Treatment,” by Patricia Nelson Limerick

The title of Patricia Nelson Limerick’s essay “The Phenomenon of Phantom Students: Diagnosis and Treatment,” may seem to be more like the title of a horror story than an essay about educational theory and practice. However, Limerick uses the phrase “phantoms” to describe students whom she considers to be amongst the “the radically disengaged, those staying resolutely on the academic periphery.” (268) Phantoms are students, some of whom speak English only as a second language, others of whom do not understand the material being taught in …

… the student who is in the classroom in body only, not in mind. The notion of a ‘phantom’ is particularly powerful and accurate to describe the phenomena chronicled by Limerick. Quite often such students do not exhibit the poorest attendance in any particular class, but are so disengaged with the classroom environment that they make little impact upon the teacher despite their presence and lack of social as well as intellectual engagement with educators and peers.
Limerick encourages educators to examine their attitudes for bias. However, her use of deductive, rather than inductive logic throughout the essay, setting forth principles …

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