Philosophy On Legalizing Marijuana Essay

Philosophy On Legalizing Marijuana Essay

The issue of marijuana has been a controversial one since the popularization of the drug during the 1960s and 1970s. The fact that some use the drug for medicinal and/or religious purposes makes the controversy all the more rigorous. Some, like Brian Bergman (2003), feel that legalizing the drug would make the drug safer for those who need it for legitimate purposes. Others, such as Murray Lytle (2000), are appalled at the very idea of legalizing any such substance. To illustrate the problems regarding this issue, two opposing articles regarding the legalization of marijuana are considered.

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… any restrictions. The biggest evidence they cite, to prove that marijuana is not at a good medicine, is the fact that it is smoked and no drug which is smoked can be good to the body specially the lungs.
Plus, theres new evidence that the active ingredient in marijuana actually reduces your bodys ability to fight disease. This is a serious concern for AIDS patients or for people on chemotherapy, whose bodies are already very susceptible to disease. Without reliable evidence showing that, marijuana helps, its irresponsible to advocate its use by the seriously ill. [Zeese, Kevin …

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