Physic S Of A Atomic Bomb Essay Example

Physic S Of A Atomic Bomb Essay Example

… that the world was changed forever.
Nuclear energy has progressed to the point that many nations have a stockpile of weapons to choose from. The Atom bomb and nuclear energy have provided a security that has been unmatched by any other single elements thus far. The use of the atomic bomb was in many ways similar to the use of a large baseball bat. If one has a large enough bat and others know it exists one only has to use it once or twice for it to have a long lasting positive affect. Had the atom bomb not been …

… years. The science of atomic radiation, atomic change and nuclear fission was developed from 1895 to 1945, much of it in the last six of those years(Outline History of Nuclear Energy
Over 1939-45, most development was focused on the atomic bomb.
From 1945 attention was given to harnessing this energy in a controlled fashion for naval propulsion and for making electricity(Outline History of Nuclear Energy
This provided many thousands of jobs which in turn fed families worldwide and helped to support local and …

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