Physical Journey Is Represented River Huckleberry Finn Essay

Physical Journey Is Represented River Huckleberry Finn Essay

… Japan beneath the snows of Mount Fujiyama.
The travel experiences in part one of Goethes Faust take place in various physical locations, such as the mountains, the forests, mysterious caverns, rivers and river valleys and the sea. These particular settings are required by the narrative in order to move it forward, episode by episode, through the epic, tragic tale of Fausts life. Yet due to …

… tone of voice.
As a traveler, the narrator describes being lured by the wind like a fragmentary cloud. . . unable to resist wanderlust, roaming out to the seashore which reflects Bashos true physical environment in ancient Japan where he longed to walk beyond Shirakawa Barrier and thought of the moon over Matsushima. And unlike Faust, the road that leads Bashos narrator into the interior is …

… through the Shirakawa Barrier and over the mountains. Yet for Bashos narrator, unlike Faust, the road is central to the experience of nature and serves as the path to self-discovery the journey through nature is the destination, for the narrator sees it as A lifetime adrift in a boat. . . everyday is a journey, and the journey itself is home.

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