Physics Past Papers Space Essay Sample

Physics Past Papers Space Essay Sample

… something he loved to do.
With already one space flight under his belt, Payload Commander Michael P. Anderson was the lead scientist for on his latest missions abroad Columbia. The lieutenant Colonel of the United States Air Force received a B.S. from University of Washington in 1981 in physics and astronomy and his Master of Science degree in physics from Creighton University in 1990. Four years after receiving his Masters degree Anderson was selected by NASA and in another four years Anderson found himself embarking upon his first mission. Like his fellow crewmembers, Anderson was definitely in awe of …

… aerospace engineering from the University of Colorado-Boulder in 1988 the aerospace engineer Kalpana Chawla, 41, was a veteran of space when she made her second ascent into the unknown aboard Columbia. In Punjabi, Kalpana means imagination however, Chawla was able soar past her imagination and make her dreams reality by logging over 370 hours in space. Chawla leaves behind her husband, freelance flight instructor Jean-Pierre Harrison.
An accomplished medical doctor, wife and mother Laurel Blair Salton Clark was looking forward to her role as Mission Specialist 4 as a crewmember of Columbia. STS-107 was Dr. Salton-Clark …

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