Picasso S Woman With A Book Essay Sample

Picasso S Woman With A Book Essay Sample

… provided Matisse with the impetus for some of his most assured creations. They took turns, it seems, in leading the dance.
And a recent book entitled Matisse and Picasso: The Story of their Rivalry and Friendship by Jack Flam also reflects this point of view. Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow explains in …

… “) at odds with a “more linear … less painted than drawn … colour reduced … draughtsman.” This description is called by Budick the “familiar colorist/conceptualist dichotomy, with Picasso playing the role of bold, brainy experimenter and Matisse that of the intuitive eye.” However, Budick claims that she sees Matisse as the rebel …

… -at-once simultaneity that parallels desire itself” Tuhus-Dubrow accurately says that it “makes Matisse’s brand of eroticism look tame.”
For Matisse, a “woman in a chair or a dancer may be wonkily drawn, hugely simplified, but her expressiveness never denigrates her. Picasso makes of similar poses shrieking, willfully …

… .shtml>
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