Picture Sweatshops 1800 S Essay

Picture Sweatshops 1800 S Essay

… of New England by William Cronin is not simply a historical account of the conflict between the Native American people of the Americas and the European settlers who came to dwell in New England. Instead, by weaving historical testimony with ecological and environmental science, the author paints a convincing picture of the devastating destruction that was caused by the introduction of the European way of life to the New World.
Much has been written in other accounts about the damage to Native American culture because of the introduction of the European religion and culture to Indian or Native culture. However …

… enacted a profound transformation upon the appearance as well as the ecosystem of New England. After the introduction of Europeans, fields and fences hemmed in property, taking the place of open woodlands and meadows. The environment of New England in 1600 was a relatively untouched wilderness. However, even by 1800 it had profoundly changed. Although 1800 dates before the full impact of the Industrial Revolution could be dreamed of, much less felt, by most Americans, the groundwork for industry had been laid. The idea of capitalism is founded upon the ideal and the appearance of personal property, as depicted by …

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