Planet Saturn Essay Sample

Planet Saturn Essay Sample

… planet a much lower density than our terrestrial planets. If the planet is extremely large, I would analyze

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the electric currents that may be occurring from high pressures converting hydrogen to a liquid metal. (and thus creating conduction).
This planet may be large like Jupiter or Saturn but lack the same interiors and maybe have the same interiors or similar interiors to Uranus and Neptune. I would study the density, rotation periods and oblateness of the planet to determine how much heavy metals and frozen ices mixed with rock are in the core. If the planet is …

… craters. (that would tell me the crust is active). Then I would try to determine if there is an atmosphere. In such a case, using Pluto‚Äôs example, my analysis would point towards initially finding a thin atmosphere of nitrogen, carbon monoxide and methane. That is assuming the small planet actually is able to capture and retain this light atmosphere.

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