Plate Tectonic Theories Essay Sample

Plate Tectonic Theories Essay Sample

… solar system, the earth was formed from a large amount of rocky debris that fall together to form our planet. A massive material however crashed to the earth, melted its composition, solidified later, and formed crusts that created the earths continents.
These crusts are unfathomable, too deep to enable scientists to conduct a study of what composes them and the various chemical processes that take place underneath the crusts. Only the natural activities, such as eruption of volcanoes, allow scientists to examine the geological features of the earths surface that continuously changes its formation due to the plate tectonic activities. Plate tectonics, as defined in the article, is the continuous motion of parts of the earths surface that causes its changes. Compared to Venus, our sister planet, the earth changes its components faster. In fact, Magellans space probe orbiting radar found that plate tectonics do not occur in Venus. Venus doesn’t show signs of equivalent processes the earths surface experiences.

The pre-studied formations and changes that take place in the earths surface can make us aware of taking care of our environment. The natural activities of the earths surface may …

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