Plot In Maus I By Art Spiegelman Essay Sample

Plot In Maus I By Art Spiegelman Essay Sample

… purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the film “Mulholland Dr.,” directed by David Lynch. Specifically, it will compare the film with the essay “Babes in Babylon,” by Graham Fuller.
The film “Mulholland Dr.” is everything Fuller says, and more. Viewed only as an art film, the scenes are lush, dramatic, dark, and classic film noir. Just like its Los Angeles setting, it is sensual, quirky, weird, and difficult to comprehend in the end. As Fuller concedes, “Given its unpromising beginnings, this lethally perfumed neo-noir may be even more remarkable as a successful marriage …

… the characters are awake or dreaming, or why some of the characters even exist, such as the odd couple who bid Betty adieu at LAX, and hoot merrily after she leaves. Lynch’s projects seem to be full of these odd ducks, who do not seem to move the plot along, but turn up later and leave lasting impressions with the viewer.
While the script is not as strong as it could be – with so many twists and turns, how could it be – the filmmaking more than makes up for the lack of coherence in the script. The photography is …

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