Of Plymouth Plantation Analysis Bradford Essay Sample

Of Plymouth Plantation Analysis Bradford Essay Sample

… . A recent and in depth study has proven conclusively that the nephews had nothing to do with the fathering of Heming’s children, and Jefferson did not father the first child but DID father the last son the slave gave birth to. The study was conducted using a detailed analysis of variations on genetic DNA. The Y chromosome was specifically addressed in the effort to determine the parentage of Heming’s children. The Y chromosome is inherited exclusively through the males in the family which allowed a direct link to be traced from the son to the father(Slave, 1998 …

… same trail of Y chromosome evidence would have appeared. Because none of the possible fathers are still alive it is impossible to conduct a current DNA sample study from them or the children in question.
Advocates point to the fact that Jefferson lived with his slave, Heming on a plantation in North Carolina, while detractors remind scientists that Jefferson would have been 65 at the time the conception occurred if he was the father. Another possibility according to some is that Jefferson’s brother “Randolph, 12 years his junior, who lived 20 miles away. Other candidates, Barger suggests, are Randolph …

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