Poe Vampire Folklore Essay Sample

Poe Vampire Folklore Essay Sample

… -like quest he searches and exposes the perpetrator.
A further popular theme in vampire fiction is the quest for love. The vampire realizes his plight but yet never gives up the search for love. This is a difficult theme to pin down in other vampire fiction such as Dracula. However, here too one could see the vampires desire for Lucy and Mina merely as a quest for companionship after centuries of loneliness.
Saint-Germain could, in his compassion, also be compared to the more or less conscience-plagued main character, Louis, in Anne Rices Interview with the Vampire. The vampire is lonely, and immeasurably old. The sadness of this plight is the theme that emerges in contemporary vampire fiction. This is a modern theme. In the past the vampire was seen as purely evil. Vampire fiction today however demonstrates a more understanding and compassionate view of them.

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