A Poem About Cinderella Essay

A Poem About Cinderella Essay

Baudelaire’s significance of his use of the title, “Correspondences” becomes apparent in the seventh line, wherein ‘correspondences’ are made in various descriptions of different concepts. Line 7, which states, “Vast as the night and brilliant as the day,” is a set of correspondences that fits into the poem’s meaning while symbolically representing the significance of the poem’s title. Similarly, the scent of perfumes are another set of correspondences in the poem, wherein the “sweet” scents of perfumes are radically contrasted with the “other” scents, which are described as “corrupted, rich, exultant, wild,” which are opposite qualities …

… part of the poem, Verlaine describes the women in his dreams as someone “whom I love, who loves me,” and understand him well. It is later in the poem that Verlaine reveals the importance of the woman in his dreams. Instead of a woman, what Verlaine had actually dreamt about is not the woman herself, but the “tone of dear voices, of those who have died.” It becomes evident now that the woman is actually a symbol of the loved-ones of Verlaine who have died, that is why he describes the woman as someone who knows him too well …

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