Portrayal Of Mathematics In Proof And A Beautiful Mind Essay Sample

Portrayal Of Mathematics In Proof And A Beautiful Mind Essay Sample

… and its success, or lack thereof. Moreover, the subject, for better or for worse, will be product of the writer’s perspective. That is the fact that informs a comparison between diary-styled reporting and third-party biographical writing, such as with Anais Nin’s self-revelatory “The Diary of Anais Nin” and Sylvia Nasar’s “A Beautiful Mind, a compilation of viewpoints on, mathematics icon and schizophrenia suffer John Nash.
It is fair to concede that, in spite of their fully alternate approaches, the two works have some commonalties. That is, they both work to the end of revealing …

… own personal conjecture. And both were rife with incitement for concerns about possible credibility. In attempting to convey Nash’s early excellence as a mathematician, she imparts an anecdote in which she asserted that he “often [succeeded] in showing, after a teacher had struggled to produce a laborious, lengthy proof, that the proof could be accomplished in two or three steps.” (Nasar, 34) Nash’s non-participation in the creation of this biography makes it difficult to be certain, as this is one of a few un-footnoted claims, whether it is definite fact or cult of personality exaggeration.
However …

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