Position Paper Cloning Essay Sample

Position Paper Cloning Essay Sample

… terminology will appear as I research the subject in more depth. At this stage it is of course difficult to say beyond doubt what the terminology will be. Once finished ‘layperson’ research however the more scientific information will need to be described much more extensively.
My opinion is for cloning – I see it as a viable option for the creation of healthy organs for both human and animal use; as described in one research paper which I have read, cloning in animals can show which animals are going to be the healthiest – the example was scientists taking a sample of …

… a brief listing of their benefits.
Dolly the sheep, the cow which had been slaughtered then cloned, a description of how cloning can make fresh organs for people who might need them, thus saving many lives – these are all descriptions and examples which I plan to use in my paper.
One counter argument is that cloning is immoral and against God. The more religious sector cites the fact that most clones die while in the embryo stage or shortly after birth. My plan to refute it includes hard evidence that most people died from basic illnesses such as the flu …

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