Positive And Negative Feelings Towards Aging Parents Essay Sample

Positive And Negative Feelings Towards Aging Parents Essay Sample

… . But those warm feelings sometimes disappear when that same baby has attachment issues. Some parents are able to handle this well, and adapt to the child’s needs, but some are not—which can lead to negative feelings that the infant will pick up and display in how they form attachments.
But even if the parents do everything right, have consistent positive feelings around their baby, and give them plenty of love, the child could still have a difficult time of forming attachments. An easy going baby is adaptable in life, including biological and social functions. These babies form attachments …

… formed for life.
A difficult infant/child will have difficulty sleeping, eating, and forming attachments. They are easily upset, cry easily in new situations, and may explode in a tantrum at any moment. These children are difficult for parents and other caregivers. The infant/child picks up on these negative feelings, and displays them back to their parents. The parents return the feelings, and a cycle has begun…
There is a case of mother who, when her baby was first born, loved to touch and cuddle him. But he always squirmed and fussed when she did, but then did the …

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