Positives Of Nuclear Weapons Essay Example

Positives Of Nuclear Weapons Essay Example

… ban of the weapons for quite some time, but for some reason nuclear weapons are still being built and there is still the clear and present threat of there being a nuclear war at sometime in the future of the United States. What stands in the way of a nuclear freeze? What are the different sides to the issue? The Nuclear Freeze Debate takes a look at these issues and while it certainly doesnt resolve the conflict it gives a variety of ideas and lets the reader make his own final conclusion about the problems of nuclear weapons and …

… the method od prevention is accomplished. It seems that he feels that deterrence is an immoral means to force compliance with a policy or facilitate a behavior by people. The feels that the moral value of a deterrence argument focuses on the following five issues:
1.the possession of weapons for mass destruction.
2. the threat or intention to use the weapons
3. the willingness to use these weapons on civilians
4. the idea of preventing the use of nuclear weapons by using a strategy that couldnt be morally implemented
5. the escalation of nuclear arms and the exclusion …

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