Postmodernism Term Paper Essay Sample

Postmodernism Term Paper Essay Sample

… Documentaries
Summary: This is an 8 page paper on documentaries usage of tools and techniques and how they function in relation to the representation of’ ‘reality’. It has 6 sources.

Documentary film making is considered to be one of the creative genres in the film making industry. It is also one of the serious aspects of film making. Documentaries have always been an essential part of the …

… effects than does the written work” [Nichols, 1992].

In the 1990s the documentary film theory has gone through a different phase and there are new theories which have been advocated in relation to postmodernism and post structuralism philosophy. Theorist and writers such as Noel Carroll, Bill Nichols, John Corner, Stella Bruzzi, and Brian Winston have taken the debate to a new level with a consideration of historical …

… R. Plantinga in his book “Rhetoric and Representation” defines a documentary from the fiction. He says that a documentary contain within itself no essential quality. Plantinga maintains that documentaries have fuzzy boundaries a term borrowed from John Searle, as something having no essence but rather having too many resemblances. Plantinga maintains that there are certain distinction between a fiction and a non-fiction, when a viewer is …

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