Pound Or Euro Essay Example

Pound Or Euro Essay Example

Discusses the effect of unemployment to international business.

… for the Yen, Euro, and the Pound were 1.5655 U.S. Dollars to British Pound, .9842 U.S. Dollars to European Euro and 123.21 Japanese Yen to the U.S. Dollars. As of October 3, 2002, those rates are 1.5704 U.S. Dollars to the British Pound, .9871 U.S. Dollars to the European Euro, and 123.04 Japenese Yen to the U.S. Dollar. The indicators show that the worldwide economy is steady for now, but could go either way. The future, of course, could hinge not just on the indicators, but on a number of …

… should be expected that unemployment in California and in the United States will hold steady.
International currency rate will depend largely on what the world economy does. If Europe recovers withoutn the United States, it can be expected that ther U.S. Dollar will weaken greatly against the European Euro and the British Pound. As for Japan, Asia is in an economuic slump much likle the United Staes, and again, this will depend on greatly on social matters.
As an oil company, Exxon Molible is very sensitive to conflicts in the Middle East. As a U.S. company, Exxon Mobile …

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