Pow Wow Highway The Movie Criticism Essay Example

Pow Wow Highway The Movie Criticism Essay Example

… Whereas in Pullmans version, she possesses a family photograph which shows her father, who she admires for having introduced her to progressive liberal ideas. Although the original character in Wisters book may have in many respects been a parody on liberated women, the movie portrays her feminizing influence as a poignant contemporary social criticism. This may have been written as such to provide a television audience with a more palatable and romantic version of the story.
Additional organizations founded in the day included the Womens Christian Temperance Union, which sought to close down the saloons. When a …

… contemporary morality and point to the inevitable coming of a modern world in which the vast western frontier will disappear, she reminds us of Dr. Quinn. Both Dr. Quinn and The Virginian were made for television audiences, whereas the traditional western is a screen affair. Another theme in the movie is power. As the only woman and as a beautiful woman, Mollys power is unquestioned. She leaves for the west a presumable spinster, is able to tame a ranch-hand, and bring him back to the Green mountains with her. In many respects, this is a feel-good movie

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