Powerpoint Applying Motivation Theories Essay Sample

Powerpoint Applying Motivation Theories Essay Sample

… as virtual societies are being created. In this changing society vocational psychologists are realizing the need for a more innovative approach. Previous theorists suggested that multiple roles created a stress that enhanced the lives of the people and this allowed a generalization of the vocational theories.
Through understanding life roles, work satisfaction and motivation could be understood. (Yalom, 1995) Counseling was then given in group or individual basis which took place in an immediate physical environment. However, with the advent of the Internet the society no longer seeks traditional therapy. The new generation is so Internet savvy that solutions to …

… that it perceives the individual as a part of the technological environment and allows for the assessment of his cognitive self through this perspective. Building on previous cognitive counseling and therapy theories Barak allows the people of the 21st century to be seen in their environmental situation rather than applying past and invalidated theories. Through various research based assessment a ‘asynchronous, Internet-based communication for both individual and group mental help’ has shown that such counseling can be successful.(Barak, 1999)

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