Praisesong For The Widow And Male Role Essay Sample

Praisesong For The Widow And Male Role Essay Sample

… the Arab world and in America too.
Polygamy is one element of Arabian family dynamics that is misunderstood by the West. Often seen as expletive and outdated, polygamy serves very important purposes in the Arabian world and will continue to do so for quite some time to come.
The Islamic faith permits an Arabian man to have as many as four legal wives at one time. This …

… multitudes of females available for marriage, polygamy became acceptable, but it is wrought with conditions.
A male, to have more than one wife, had to choose a widow or an orphan for second or later wife. He had to be able to provide for each of his wives equally and he was never permitted to take a wife simply for his own sexual or personal pleasure. This …

… Some sociologists also maintain that polygamy in the Arabian world resulted from political aspirations and the desire for control of the region (Burke 123). By taking more than one wife, it was possible for the conqueror to leave heirs to his faith in the conquered areas and insure the spreading of his faith, but the harsh physical realities of the time don’t lend credence to this …

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