Prefabricated Housing Conclusion Essay Sample

Prefabricated Housing Conclusion Essay Sample

… many accomplishments, as well as its failures.
Roosevelt’s New Deal had many successes during his presidency. Under the New Deal, the role of the federal government was expanded as new state institutions were created. The government started providing assistance to the poor and unemployed, built low-income housing, stabilized the banking system and subsidized agricultural production (unknown, 1991).
One of the most significant successes that occurred under the New Deal was the Social Security Act, which created a system of unemployment insurance and old-age pensions. This act also established the welfare system, that provides benefits for the …

… (unknown, 1991).” There was no significant change to American capitalism under the New Deal. It was unable to end poverty nor did it have any effect on the redistribution of wealth. The New Deal also did not address the problems of sexual and racial inequality in the postwar era.
Although President Roosevelt’s New Deal failed in its efforts to end the Depression, the achievements made by his administration are ranked among the most significant of any president in American history (unknown, 1991).

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