Pregnant Women Ethics Essay Sample

Pregnant Women Ethics Essay Sample

… progressively declining due to his tending to the children, and that the children are not faring at all well due to their father’s ailing state. She also learns that the camp releases pregnant women who are held for crimes like hers. Aware of one particular guard who regularly makes outrageous advances on her, Mrs. Bergmeier submits herself to him. Three months later a pregnant Mrs. Bergmeier returns to her family to care for her husband and children.
The relevant argument, and all the theories of justice and ethics which have been chased down the path of human existence, is …

… . However, when these theories depart from a measure of absolute right and wrong, they create inevitable logical dilemmas.
1. Utilitarianism – Definition
a. Consequences of given actions
b. A measure of greater happiness
2. Practical Dilemmas
a. Beating a masochist
b. Repaying a loan
3. City of Light
a. Popular ethics culture of the time
b. Abusing slaves
c. Even the smallest
d. The modern loss of a moral anchor
4. Other ethical dilemmas
a. In a Nazi Concentration camp
b. On becoming a Moral person
c. Lebacqz’s six theories
5. Conclusion

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