Preparing Your Finance Cover Letter

Preparing Your Finance Cover Letter

Every profile needs an introductory note which clarifies the points of purpose, scope and its details. These may slightly differ according to the job functionalities applied for. For example, if you are in search of finance related jobs you will have to prepare your finance cover letter.

There is not much difference in the introductions to be prepared for different professions. The general guidelines of sequential paragraphing of the content should be followed as below:

The first paragraph should contain the:

• Reference to the advertisement either in a newspaper, magazine or an e-mail. There should be particularity of details to the extent possible. They comprise of date, page number and the column under which the concerned advertisement was published.

• Personal details should include your name, place of residence, marital status and other such details which you think would add to your likeliness of being selected for that job.

• Purpose for which the letter is intended should usually include your request to consider your candidature at the time of job selection process.

The second paragraph should contain:

• Your achievements either in the period of your education or during your professional tenure. For a job in the finance discipline, you need to give those fine points which are imbibed in your nature. You need to explain how you could tackle certain issues brilliantly from the financial point of view. If possible slight assessment of the gain of such achievements could also be enumerated.

• These financial strengths of yours should be targeted to the job requirements as advertised by the employer. Point to point tackling of the issues would give clear cut idea about your abilities to the prospective employer.

• One important thing to be considered while such targeting is that it should look honest and truthful. Just mere copying of lines from your friends, finance cover letters would not serve the purpose. Instead, it would only be an added disadvantage that the employer may black list your profile on the whole.

The third paragraph should contain:

• The justification as to why you think that a certain job would be suitable for you. It should be convincing. For that purpose, it should be written keeping yourself in the employer’s shoes. The trick lies in striking his point of view.

• In addition to this slight mention of references should be given. They should be subtle but strong in their own way.

• The conclusion should express a hope about being short listed for the interview. It also should give the details of follow up methodology and interview possibility.

• A thank you note for going through the letter with patience should never be forgotten.

Remember that all the above points should be covered within one page giving space for addressing and signatures. Personal letters should always be signed. E-mails could be sent with electronic signatures.

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